Whistle sale coming...

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Whistle sale coming...

Post by MichaelRS »

Keep your eyes open everybody, I'm just waiting for my *Chris Wall whistle to get here then I'm going to evaluate my current acquisitions and probably be letting about 2/3 to 3/4 of them go.

These will be a bundle of high D's, in like new condition, for 33% off with postage included. I'm pretty sure the bundle will include a Freeman Mellow dog and a Dixon brass Trad D.

* Unfortunately this probably won't be for a solid month yet, because I just heard from Chris Wall and he apparently was taken by surprise by a sudden uptick in orders for his whistles this holiday season. So he's about a month behind from projected dates that were supplied to people who order through eBay. I ordered December 17th and the initial backlog was supposed to be 7 weeks, but Chris had to extend that another 3 weeks. But I'm not interested in a big delay for the sale after I get his. Soon as I get that whistle and decide where it fits in with all the rest (keep or include in the sale) I'll be putting up the sale notice.
C ya.
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