EzeeDrone UP chanter reed

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EzeeDrone UP chanter reed

Post by Seamie »

Just thought I'd throw this out there......
I just received a D UP chanter reed made by EZEE Drone. Was shipped in error from a supplier out west. I'd ordered a set of
UP drone reeds and they sent this as an oopsie.
Just for grunts, I stuck it in a friend's Gallagher chanter and Wonder of Wonders- it's a darn good reed!
Been playing it for an hour or so. A bit quiet, but that's probably just a wee bridle adjustment. Tuning up & down is spot on and it even looks nice (nicer than the ones I make, anyway)
I called the supplier to inform them of the error with the intention of sending it back, but after playing it, I told them to charge me the $74.99.
Don't know if anyone else has had any experience with "store bought" reeds, but this was a more than pleasant surprise.
Stay Tuned
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Re: EzeeDrone UP chanter reed

Post by BigDavy »

Hi Seamie

It is my understanding that EzeeDrone chanter reeds are made for them by Brian Howard.

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Re: EzeeDrone UP chanter reed

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