Taladh Chriosda pronunciation (Scottish Gaelic)

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Taladh Chriosda pronunciation (Scottish Gaelic)

Post by Katharine »

Does anyone know of any pronunciation guides for this song on the web? (It's also known as Taladh ar Slanaigheir.) Preferably with audio, but I don't think I can afford to be picky. I know there's a guide for two or three verses on Youtube as a supplement to a setting done by Mark Sirett, but I'm hoping to find pronunciation for the whole, or much of, the song (I know, it's really long). I'm going to choose seven verses for singing at church, and it would be nice if I could actually choose them, rather than just having to do the ones I can find pronunciation guides for. I can, of course, use basic "how Gaelic is pronounced" guides out there, but it would be so great to have the actual song and specific words to get it into my head. (Yes, I know-- nobody will know if my pronunciation is off, even WAY off, but I'll know...)

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