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Anam Cara 1956
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Tell us something.: I love traditional music especially Flute and whistles. I am presently awaiting a new Gilles Léhart flute and can't wait to give it a lash. I am a new to the flute and it has taken me almost a year just to get a basic tone. I am 63 with a positive attitude .


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As Cuimhne

Bhí sé scríofa ar na ballaí fadó.
Go gasta a chuaigh sí
ar na boithre gan treo.
Go háiteanna nach bhfuil ann
idir aislingí bréagacha .
Gan machnamh .
Gan léargas .
Chuaigh sí amach as cuimhne
a saoil ina gréasán aici .
Gan breathniú orm .
Gan smaointe orm .
Ach….gan deireadh .
Ag fanacht go suaimhneach orm,
póg a thabhairt di.

Mac Giolla Fhaoláin 2016
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Tell us something.: I want to be a part of Chiff and Fipple community, so I am registering now. I am here because I fond of music instruments, especially flute and others. Now I can play the piano and the guitar, and flute is the new instrument for me.

Re: Poetry

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I was searching forum and found this thread with no replies... wanted to say that this poem even looks beautiful, and after translation I like the way it sounds. I think that the best way to dive into culture is to learn language, music and other sorts of art. Thank for sharing this poem!
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