Greetings from Hungary

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Greetings from Hungary

Post by Zixinus »

Hello all, I am a new member from Hungary.

I have a Schwedler flute (photos here) that I have inherited. I had it restored and have been playing on it for months now. I managed to find a local instrument repairer who just had to change the pads and shiny up the nickel-brass a bit. A local teacher also figured out the tuning.

I came to this forum because my inspiration is Irish (and generally British) music. I'm afraid my primary source for that is the Internet. One of the players I have come to like is Matt Molloy, whose music I found brilliant (one of my minor life goals is to visit his pub). But I always liked wind instruments for some reason, I have a romantic ideas about wind itself.

Aside my flute I also own a two tinwhistles (a Clarke I like and a Generation I don't), an 8-holed Xiao (G), several recorders (Soprano and Alto) plus a selection of recorders and piccolo/fifles I brought from street markets.
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Re: Greetings from Hungary

Post by mutepointe »

I'm sure more than a few of us would like to hear your theory of wind.
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