You can come in here and play around until you get the hang of forum posts. It's unlikely you'll be yelled at.
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Tell us something.: I have a lot of whistles for sale. I want to play the whistle with everyone! In fact, I have learned a lot here, please let me become a formal member.


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A big hello to all,

I can't make new posts on user Instrument Exchange, I don't know why. I found that I could make it here.
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Tell us something.: Been a fluter, citternist, and uilleann piper; committed now to the way of the harp.

Oh, yeah: also a mod here, not a spammer. A matter of opinion, perhaps.
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It's part of the screening process for new members. You have to complete 3 approved first posts before you get full privileges, which include access to the UIE (Used Instruments Exchange], private messages, and - within time constraints - the ability to edit your posts without approval.

Please take some time to have a look at our guidelines: https://forums.chiffandfipple.com/viewt ... =1&t=84192

You'll find it at the top of every page. It covers the stuff that FAQ doesn't. You don't have to read it all and memorize it, but whenever you have questions, they're bound to be answered there.
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