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Stolen: Chicago - Banjo, flute, whistles

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:20 am
by Julia Delaney
Trad Instruments stolen in Chicago

Last night after a gig on the North side of Chicago my vehicle was vandalized and broken into. All of my instruments and gear were stolen. All I really care about is the customized instruments. If anyone hears or know of anyone trying to sell or trade the following, please contact me.
My 19 fret custom made David Boyle tenor banjo, made in Ireland for me in 2009. It has a blonde maple neck and resonator, a Fishman Rare Earth pickup installed and 1/4 jack below the tail piece for plug in. Also stolen, my Patrick Olwell, blackwood keyless D flute with a wooden mouthpiece cut for a left handed player. A Michael Burke low F aluminum whistle, a Thin Weasel blackwood D whistle made by George Schultz.
The flute and Thin Weasel whistle were in a custom wooden flute case made by Aidan O’Toole. The rest of the gear was in a black nylon duffle bag. The banjo and flute were in a black nylon soft shelled gig-bag case.
Any help or insight would be much appreciated.
Pat Quinn 312-208-3712