Native American Flute Builders ?

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Native American Flute Builders ?

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Are there any NAF builders on this site? I have been working on trying to build a NAF flute in E . Received some info on a High Spirits flute in E( a small bore unit probably 7/8" bore diameter). I have the lower three holes drilled and tuned but the position of the fourth hole from the bottom of the flute is the one I am questioning because it is less than an inch from the 3rd hole from the bottom of the flute. Would anyone have any dimensions they would like to share for an E tuned NAF? I have seen the calculation sheets on flutopedia and they are pretty intricate and I know in the past they have not been a means for success for me. Thanks for any info.
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Re: Native American Flute Builders ?

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There's a good group on Facebook:
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