Akebono Finger Spacing

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Tell us something.: I'm interested in making flutes from bamboo. Most recently, there was a strong winter ice storm that broke one of the culms from my bamboo plant. I'm making a couple flutes from that culm.

Akebono Finger Spacing

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Hello. This is my first post here.

This past winter, one of the canes of my bamboo broke with the weight of ice from the ice storm. I've decided to make a couple of flutes out of it. One of them I hope to make in the Akebono style, which I've seen examples of online, but I can't find information on the finger spacing.

I'm referring to flutes with spacing like in this photo. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/743445850962239835/ Sometimes there are two groups of two finger holes each, but usually it is three finger holes and two finger holes.

The length I am using has an inside diameter of 36mm and about 1124mm long. All I've done so far is hollow it out and put in a blow hole. It plays C3# at the moment. So, any hints on getting the finger spacing for this design?
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