ThumbJam now giving away my Concertina sound patch

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ThumbJam now giving away my Concertina sound patch

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Here's a quick video showing the new free "Concertina" patch available in ThumbJam being played using my MIDIAngloXL and MIDITinaXL controller apps for iPad.

ThumbJam is a popular virtual MIDI synthesizer for iPad and iPhone that can run in the background and be controlled from other apps.

The samples were recorded from my own instrument and are the same ones I use in my own standalone Anglo and English concertina iPad and iPhone apps.

The beauty of ThumbJam is that it has digital effects like reverb and delay, as well as supports transposition of the pitch, something I was not able to achieve in my standalone apps.

Here's the demo video, I recorded the audio directly from the iPad's headphone jack: ...

I donated them to the developer to distribute to ThumbJam users as a free patch because I believe that ThumbJam and my concertina control surface apps is a powerful combination for students of the instrument (Anglo Concertina) which I both play and teach.

I hope you will enjoy the new patch.

ThumbJam works beautifully both with my iPad and iPhone Anglo and English concertina controller apps.

Cheers and thanks,

Michael Eskin
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