Shane MacGowan RIP

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Shane MacGowan RIP

Post by Mr.Gumby »

The old Pogue has sailed down the broad majestic Shannon.

I'm sad to say I must be on my way, so buy me beer and whiskey 'cause I'm going far away. I'd like to think of me returning when I can, to the greatest little boozer and to Sally MacLennane...
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Re: Shane MacGowan RIP

Post by chas »

I just heard the news myself. He was one of a kind.
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Re: Shane MacGowan RIP

Post by raindog1970 »

We all knew this day was coming, but I'm still deeply saddened by Shane's passing. I was kinda hoping he'd beat the odds and live to a ripe old age like Keith Richards, but no such luck. It was The Pogues who introduced me to the Irish whistle, so I owe Shane and the rest of the band for that major influence in my life. I wouldn't be enjoying myself working in my shop making instruments that I'm obsessed with if not for hearing them back in the 80's and immediately becoming a lifelong fan. RIP Shane, and thanks for all the great music and deeply poetic lyrics that will forever be your legacy.
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