Looking for Goldie, McManus, Oz, etc. high Ds for a project

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Tell us something.: I've been playing whistles since 2010, and while I'm still very intermediate, I continue to enjoy them on a regular basis, and am even trying to work on my session skills so I can be a bit more sociable.
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Looking for Goldie, McManus, Oz, etc. high Ds for a project

Post by AngelicBeaver »

I have collected quite a few high D and C whistles, and I'd like to do a huge comparison video with them (see the list below). Some of these were donated to me by Ed Gilkison, which is what has inspired the effort and was a pretty amazing thing, in my opinion. Thanks Ed!

So, I'm taking a shot in the dark here, but does anyone have a McManus D or D/C set, or a Goldie D or D/C set that they would be interested in lending/selling to me for the purposes of science? I'd be happy to pay shipping costs in either case. I'd also happily borrow an Oz, Copeland, or any other whistle that people wonder about, but I know that some of those are so expensive that it might be a bit scary to unnecessarily send them through the mail.

My goal is to get as many whistles into this video as possible before I sell my extras so I'm back down to a reasonable number. If you haven't seen any of my videos, you can check out my YouTube channel. I'm not the most polished player, but I've been (very) casually doing this sort of thing for years now, trying to help people like myself who are poorly located and don't have options to test whistles out for themselves.

The current lineup:

Burke Session D
Killarney brass
Carbony leading tone D
Alba D
Clover #4 (not yet shipped)
Shearwater wide bore aluminum (in transit)
Bleazey Boxwood D
Busman Rosewood D+
Milligan D in Dymondwood
Milligan D in Delrin with a louder and softer head
Chris Wall
Freeman Mellow Dog D

For C whistles, I have a Bleazey Applewood, Burke narrow bore C, Freeman Mellowdog C, and a few others. This is more of a secondary video.

So, if you're interested in helping me out, shoot me a PM and I'd be very grateful.

Nathaniel James Dowell

Check out my various whistle comparisons on my YouTube channel:
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... 2PKWz4b8Yo

Or like my author page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NathanielDowellPhotography/
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Re: Looking for Goldie, McManus, Oz, etc. high Ds for a proj

Post by veloed »

Hi Angelic Beaver,

A list of some of the high D whistles I have had through my hands over the years , enjoyed, and moved on,
I hope you can locate examples of - as all were very nice - but I was in a taste testing mode, and wanting to sample as many whistles as I could.

As I mentioned - for me, the Jerry Freeman tweaked Mellow Dog is hard to beat, and the one I ended up playing the most. with a Shaw, and a Milligan as my keepers for high D's . (for now ! )

but I did sample and enjoy these listed - and others !

Walt Sweet Black Pearl
Susato Kildare
Hans Bracker
Burke in brass and aluminum ( large and small bore)
O'Brien 3 piece Rover
Glenn Schultz
Freeman Blackbird
- and a few others !

I hope you find a good selection for your test !

Best Wishes from Lakebay Washington USA

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