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Tell us something.: Playing flute for about 20 years... however, recently, due to surgery on my right hand I find it difficult to cover the holes in a flute, so, apart from a Boehm instrument, I'm not playing.
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Damian Thompson Flute

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Hi, I decided to get a nice delrin instrument to add to my armoury, and having owned a few delrin flutes and being slightly underwhelmed by them all ( I've never tried a Copley) I decided to go out on a limb and try a new maker.
I paid Damian a visit, and sat and played a few tunes, he on my Millyard keyless blackwood, which he liked, and me on his own session Thompson Pratten. Loud and responsive isn't doing the instrument justice! It just sat snugly in my hands and vibrated beautifully on the low register. It seems a very "agile" flute with ornaments articulating well and crisply. I ordered a Pratten the same as his for £410, and it arrived today after about six weeks.
The quality of workmanship is stunning all the holes are beautifully cut and it fits together well with its corked tenons, and it comes in a lovely little tasteful black roll.
I'm not normally a risk taker, but I thought as he was comparatively local I'd pay a visit while I was visiting family in his area.
I'm certainly glad I did as I can honestly say that this the best delrin I've ever owned
He also makes wooden instruments, both Pratten type and Rudall.
I would advise anyone thinking of buying a new flute to seriously consider Damian, he makes a great flute and he's a nice bloke too!
I have no connection to Damian other than having bought a flute from him.
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Damian Thompson
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Tell us something.: I am a keen wooden flute player, I am also an aspiring flute maker. I have been following the page on and off for many years.

Re: Damian Thompson Flute

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I'm delighted that you're so pleased with it fsharp!
Here's a link to my website in case anyone else is interested..
I also have a facebook page..

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