Repair/Refurb in Boston area

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Repair/Refurb in Boston area

Post by fyffer »

Howdy - long time since posting for me. :)
I recently came into possession of two old wooden flutes, and would like to find someone in the Boston area to restore them.
They are in good condition except for a few cracks. One is 8-key, with a fully lined HJ and C-foot, and the other a 1-key.
The 8-key's hardware is in excellent condition - all functional springs and all pins in place. May just needs a cleaning and repad/recork in addition to the crack repair.
I'm not interested in selling them, just making them playable, and improved if possible.

I couldn't figure out how to embed these, so here are the pics:
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Steve Bliven
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Re: Repair/Refurb in Boston area

Post by Steve Bliven »

The folks at Von Huene WorkshopVon Huene Workshop in Brookline have done some relatively minor recorking work on a couple of my flutes. You might check with them, either to do the work you would like or for a recommendation.

For any significant work, I've gone to Jon Cornia/Cochran flutes out California way.

Best wishes.

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Re: Repair/Refurb in Boston area

Post by an seanduine »

For my money, I think you´ll like the one key. Perhaps not a ´Session Cannon´, but the one I have has generally good intonation. With a bright light and a glass, you may find a ´dealer´s mark´ on the tuning slide.

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Re: Repair/Refurb in Boston area

Post by emmdee »

I'd bet Shannon Heaton would know someone. You can contact her through the Matt & Shannon Heaton website.
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