C chanter: question

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C chanter: question

Post by john »

I have a c chanter made by a maker called Carroll from the north of England. It has 2 keys. I'd be interested to find out what such an instrument night sell for. The chanter was made by a maker who was taught by Davy Stephenson and therefore is of a similar ilk to Peter Hunter's pipes. I don't have a photo to post right now.
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Re: C chanter: question

Post by stew »

Davy Stephenson was very good Pipemaker, Corrol was taught by Davy who rated him as a good Student, I think Davy had some designs and help from Peter Hunter they were friends from what I remember, it will probably be very close design to what Sam Lawrence C Chanters are as he got a lot of Peter Hunters gear from what I have heard, so it should play well with the right reed, ask Sam to reed it up and give it a going over? Sam was last that I heard living in Bradford, look him up under Hunter Pipes? Hope this helps,,
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