#Metoo#Misefoste in Irish Traditional music

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#Metoo#Misefoste in Irish Traditional music

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An important program about sexual harassment in Irish traditional music. The victims are usually young female musicians and the perpetuators are usually older male musicians.

https://journalofmusic.com/news/rte-inv ... 0.facebook

https://www.rte.ie/news/investigations- ... nal-music/

Starts att 35 min. 59 sec in

https://www.rte.ie/player/series/prime- ... H000383005
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Re: #Metoo#Misefoste in Irish Traditional music

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Tess Slominsky's new book Trad Nation is very good on this. Slominsky loves the music and the craic but has many well done examples of how the atmosphere at the session can have a damaging effect.

Also Helen O'Shea The Making of Irish Traditional Music
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