Luke Plumb (Mandolin) The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast

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Tell us something.: We’re two Irish lads based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia and we create a weekly Irish music podcast about tunes and how people fell in love with the music. It’s really good, even if we say so ourselves ; )

Dom plays whistle
Darren plays clawhammer banjo

Luke Plumb (Mandolin) The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast

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This two part podcast is a real deep dive and gets into some real interesting places.

In part one Luke gets going about the painters of ancient Egypt and the joy of playing in an orchestra; De Danann, Planxty and Schubert; Martin Carthy and Nic Jones and the thrum of existential rhythm.

In this episode Luke plays:

Two jigs: The Flowers of Spring and Jackie Small's (from De Danaan's 'Selected Jigs, Reels and Songs')
Three reels: McGreevey's, The Sweetheart and Miss McGuiness
Rackabello (from the playing of Martin Carthy)

In part two we get into death and staring the reaper down. Life in music, Shoogelnifty and Sandy Bell's in Edinburgh. All night sessions in Borneo, Pretty Peggy-O and teaching Andy Irvine bouzouki parts to an audience Irvine.

In this episode Luke plays:

The Log Cabin and Bean A' Ti Ar Lar
Pretty Peggy-O
The Battle of the Somme (Retreat March)
The Cornerhouse, The Lady's Pantalettes and The Bird in the Bush

To listen, stream or download either episode, simply click a link below or alternatively search your favourite podcast app for the Blarney Pilgrims.

Our website:
Google Podcasts:

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