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first time scribing a tune to abc notation
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Author:  dch [ Sat Feb 29, 2020 7:09 am ]
Post subject:  first time scribing a tune to abc notation

I transcribed The Waterford Boys (a la Ronnie Drew) to abc notation, and I'm not really sure I got it right, especially how the erm phrasing goes - the first triplet at the beginning, for example. is what I used, that and a bit of memory.

Appreciate any improvements or comments!

Author:  Mr.Gumby [ Sat Feb 29, 2020 1:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: first time scribing a tune to abc notation

All other things aside, that's not Ronnie Drew singing (Seán Cannon, according to the interwebs).

Compare with the version on Mudcat:

T:The Waterford Boys
((3:2F/G/F/ E2)|D> B, C D E F|F d> c ((3:2B/c/B/) A
w:For___ fun and di-ver-sion we have met to-ge__ther,
F|A> F E D> E F|E< D C D>
w:I tell you from Wa-ter-ford hi-ther we came,
(A F)|D> E D D F A|d> c d ((3:2B/c/B/) A
w:We_ crossed the big o-cean in dark stor-my wea__ther,
F|A F E D> E F|((3:2E/F/E/) D C|D>
w:Our pock-ets were light and our hearts__ were the same,
F F|E> E E E A d|((3:2c/d/c/) A A B A
w:Sad at leav-ing old Ire-land we're once__ more on dry land,
F/ F/|E> D E d c B|A F A B3|
w:By the road-side a tav-ern I chanced for to spy,
A> B c d> e d|d c B A F
w:As I was melt-ing my pock-ets I felt in
A/ A/|A> F E D> E F|E> D C|D3||
w:For the price of a drink, I was mort-al-ly dry.
"Chorus"((3:2F/G/F/ E2)|D> B, C D E F|F d> c ((3:2B/c/B/) A F|
w:For___ we are the boys of such fun and such el__o-quence,
E> D E d> c B|A F A B2
w:Drink-ing and danc-ing and all oth-er joys,
A|A> B c d> e d|d> c B A< F A|
w:For ruc-tions, des-truc-tions, di-ver-sions and de-vil-ment,
B> A F D> E F|((3:2E/F/E/) D C D3-|D3||
w:Who's to com-pare with the Wa__ter-ford boys_.

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