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Posting off-site FS notices (eBay etc.)

Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:48 am
by MTGuru
If you post a For Sale (FS) notice here on the Chiffboard that is basically a reference to an original offer you've listed on a different site - eBay, Uilleann Obsession, Craigslist, etc. - please include both the following things in your Chiffboard FS post:

1. A URL link to the off-site offer; and

2. A brief description of your item(s) on offer.

#1 is really a courtesy to our members, not to mention a good sales tactic. It's unfair to expect readers to hunt for an offer, when a simple link to your off-site page is trivial to supply. Just paste the URL into your post. The Mods have no easy way to evaluate and approve your Chiffboard offer here unless we can see the original listing.

#2 is also a courtesy, but also a matter of principle. Sure, your off-site listing may contain a complete description. But that's off-site, not the Chiffboard. Readers here should see at least a basic description beyond a thread title and a raw link, so that they can decide whether or not to click through. You can cut-and-paste the full description, or write a short summary, or post anything in between.

If a Chiffboard fee-free listing is important to you, then a link and description are little to ask in return. Consider this a new rule if you like, but it's really just common practice that most Chiffers do anyway. The Mods will handle incomplete listings on a case-by-case basis.

Many thanks,
Your ChiffCo team