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Re: C&F Consolidated Concordat on Policy

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2011 12:12 pm
by Nanohedron
15: Principles of Moderation

The Board is owned by Dale Wisely. It is non-commercial in nature, and is roughly analogous to a private houseparty. As guests, we all post here because the owner, our host, allows us to post here. In the course of goings-on, sometimes a moderating influence is called for.

The Moderators are here to assist Dale. We are not employees; our time is donated. While spam and trollery get no mercy, in all else we aim to keep a balanced and rather light approach. As C&F members, moderators are free to be active social participants in all discussions, so when posting specifically in our capacity as moderators, we will probably say as much if the context leaves any doubt.

The moderator's primary role is to guide and to keep things tidy. Sometimes we must step in to resolve problems, and it works something like this:

1. When necessary, we will address decidedly problematic threads or posts in keeping with our best judgment. For our purposes, "problematic" means disturbing the peace, fraud, or other violations of CCCP policy. Measures taken can include warning, locking, deletion, or editing, but rest assured that while we may need to be swift, we do not make such decisions lightly. Hands-off is our preferred mode, so help us keep it that way by being reasonable with each other and by keeping the Board's principles in mind.

If you wish to bring a problem event to our attention, by all means feel free to do so. You can do this in a couple of ways: One is by using the Report function, a little clicky-box with a red exclamation point found to the lower right in any post field. Use the problem post's Report clicky, provide your observations or concerns, submit, and we will be notified. The other way is by direct PM to a moderator, but then please provide a link and enough detail so we'll know right away what you're talking about.

2. We delete threads/posts that refer to other threads/posts that have been deleted or locked. So, let x = a deleted or locked thread or post. Let y = a "what happened to x?" thread or post. We’ll delete y.

3. At times we must face the reality that a given member routinely causes too much discord and trouble. When we determine that’s the case, there are two possible outcomes: either 1) Queued posting, where the member's posts depend every time on prior Admin approval; or 2) Disablement or deletion of that person’s account (including, insofar as we can detect them, any subsequent accounts that person might open). This decision process almost always involves consultation among moderators and may include further consultation with general members as well. While we strive to be fair, remember that on a private site such as this there are no rights, only privileges. Accordingly, due process means only that the moderator shall act in best conscience. Don't forget it’s a private party. We reserve the right to uninvite.

Normally, we won’t ban offending members without first privately conveying suggestions and warnings before we finally put the hurt on them.

4. This is a music forum with a lot of leeway for people with musical interests to engage in non-musical conversation. However, we do not intend that C&F be a board for people who never post about music or instruments, so we reserve the right to uninvite people who don’t contribute to the Board's musical content.

5. We’re not even going to entertain the idea that policy should require us to explain our actions, so if we don't care to, that's our prerogative. End of story. Besides, it takes more time to answer "Why did you do that?" than to actually, uh, do that. So:

6. While we may on occasion solicit input, otherwise please refrain from publicly questioning moderatorial action, and from publicly proposing how moderators should take action. Such posts will usually be deleted as bad form, barring certain exceptions where we think discussing an issue would be proactive, informative, insightful, and to the general good. Such times aren't all that often, though, so instead it's better to PM a moderator about your concerns. That's part of our job, and we're happy to correspond.

7. The mods count ourselves beholden to all principles of the CCCP just like anyone else. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to be arbitrary if we find it best or necessary.

Re: C&F Consolidated Concordat on Policy

Posted: Thu May 17, 2012 1:47 pm
by Nanohedron
16: Editing and Deleting Posts

This topic is touched on in FAQ but only in generalities, so since people keep asking, here's more detail:

As a member you are free, within time constraints, to edit or delete your own posts (Edit and Delete clickies are on the lower right of your post field; "Delete" is the little X in a box). The liberty to delete, or to edit without record, only extends for a 72-hour period beginning from the time of submission, and in all cases only so long as the post isn't followed by a reply. If you wish to edit or delete after that, contact a moderator. If doing so poses no real problems, we'll probably help. However, a wish to merely edit without record is insufficient reason for our assistance.

Editing and deleting PMs is possible only if your PM hasn't yet been opened and read by the recipient. In both cases there will be a record of the deletion or editing.

Re: C&F Consolidated Concordat on Policy (CCCP)

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:54 pm
by Nanohedron
17: Text Enhancements

Style is a personal thing, but there is also a point where style may trespass beyond common Internet courtesy. It is fairly common practice to occasionally use capital letters, boldface, oversize, and colored text (what we are calling enhancements) in place of italics or underlining to briefly convey emphasis or humor, and we think that's fine. What we strongly discourage at C&F is the use of these enhancements well beyond the brief and occasional; all-cap sentences, paragraphs, or posts all show bad etiquette in increasing order of offense because in Internet terms it is the equivalent of shouting. When you think about it, the same measure really applies to the other modes mentioned above as well. With that in mind, in the examples below we may confine ourselves to using caps to convey the basic idea:

Okay: "Chiffy's advice made a HUGE difference for me, and I think everyone should follow it."


Now imagine the above in bold, oversize, multicolored, or a combination thereof. Yep. Grotesque and repellent to behold, isn't it. The operating principle here is that the regular, unenhanced default font is by and large the best; it is the most dignified, it is of unfailing good visual taste, and as such is good for all. Plus the reader is far more likely to take you seriously.

As for colored (and occasionally all-caps) text: the only absolute exception to the above applies to moderatorial announcements. The mods here have traditionally used all-red text in emphasising the official nature of their posts when communicating expressly in a moderatorial capacity. Since the mods have found all-red text to be a useful tool in executing their office, they reserve the use of all-red text done at length for themselves alone. Moderatorial use of all-caps text is rare, and reserved for instances of urgency or particular importance beyond the norm.

Occasional conservative use of red or any other color by the general membership as a highlighting device when quoting others is of course acceptable. On a larger scale, sometimes people will accentuate quoted lyrics or text from another site by coloring it in full; while this is also reasonably acceptable, it still risks being bizarre, so please consider giving preference to other ways such as quotemarks or italics instead. If you still wish to use colored text in such instances, remember to not use red, but instead blue, for example. Enhancing the greater or entire body of your own personal text just because you think it will be "more effective" is not considered the same thing, and we strongly discourage it. To an extent this will not apply to signature lines, however.

So this is about the abuse of text enhancements. When we see posts that we feel violate such etiquette issues, the mods are not required to point it out, but may step right in and edit out the offending style in preference for the default style. Remember: NOBODY LIKES A SHOUTER.

Re: C&F Consolidated Concordat on Policy (CCCP)

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 6:27 pm
by Nanohedron
18: Posting PM or Email Content in Public Threads

Don't. If it's absolutely important, only do so with the sender's, or moderatorial, permission. Anything else will be deleted or modified.

The only steady exception to this would be spam or phishing email content, published for the sake of your fellow Chiffers' benefit and/or entertainment. This is certainly allowed.

Re: C&F Consolidated Concordat on Policy (CCCP)

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2013 3:04 pm
by Nanohedron
19: Charitable solicitations

If you want to want to post a solicitation asking our members for money or donations, you must contact the Moderators and/or Dale for approval before posting. Otherwise, the post will be removed, pending possible approval.

This rule applies to all charitable solicitations, whether for established organizations, one-time causes, crowdfunded projects, or individual appeals.

We understand and appreciate that everyone has favorite causes that they want to support and publicize. We simply ask that you respect the privately owned and moderated nature of the Chiffboard, and let us evaluate any solicitation before using this space to publicize it. Approval will be granted or denied on a case-by-case basis.

Re: C&F Consolidated Concordat on Policy (CCCP)

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 1:58 pm
by Nanohedron
20: Post in English, please

When posting in C&F forums please have the courtesy to do so in English. Mastery is unimportant; if we can understand you, that's good enough, and welcome to C&F. This applies especially to first-time posters awaiting the approval process. Since it's obvious that prospective members already have some facility with English or they wouldn't be here, first-time posts in languages other than English will normally be disapproved. Likewise, please compose your profile comment in English as well.

We don’t prohibit regular members from posting in another language for diversion's sake; for example, traditional lyrics or sayings in Galician might be of great interest to certain audiences here. A poem in Chinese along with its translation in English would be fine. You are free to have your signature in any language you like so long as the content would be acceptable in translation. All this is common sense. However, public non-English conversations exclude the general readership, and for that reason we have always discouraged them. Please reserve extended non-English conversation for PMs and email.

Re: C&F Consolidated Concordat on Policy (CCCP)

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 2:33 pm
by Nanohedron
21: Shared Accounts

Shared accounts are prohibited. Each member is required to have their own account. It is tempting to share an account in a household setting, but since the mods must from time to time know exactly who we're talking to, in this case we hold our convenience over yours.

You may log in on another's account only in emergency situations, in which case you must identify yourself as such.