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2/22/10Kerfunten, Bird On A Brier, Huarmicita, LasairChoille

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:24 pm
by TonyHiggins
02/22/10 Welcome to Joseph Carmichael, who sends: "The tune is Hammy Hamilton's "Kerfunten", played by Joseph Carmichael (me) on a bamboo Ab flute made by William Miller."
NAME: Ashley Jones
INSTRUMENT: Copeland Low D (brass)
TITLE: 'Bird On A Brier'. This is an old old song from the 13th century, possibly England. I've heard two versions of this, one instrumental and one sung. This is my own arrangement based on the instrumental version. (saved in misc)
Tune 2
INSTRUMENT: Mack Hoover Brass Low G
TITLE: 'Huarmicita' Andean tune. (misc)

Pol Huellou sends a note: "You can find on a set of reels called Lasair Choille on free download (Creative commons licence) In this recording singer Liam Weldon is playing the bodhran. This recording was made by Colum Sands on a Hallow Eve party (1989) in Rostrevor, Co. Down. That night, songs were sung and tunes were played in no kind of planned sequence. Here we have a set of reels, called Laisair Choille, a set of tunes we played on many nights, in many places. The first reel is called Thorin's Reel, after the name of the son of a dear friend and colleague. The second reel Boa Island has a melodic twist, based on a musical translation of the well knowned interlaced figure seen on a statue on the island of Boa. The third tune, Lasair Choille is in Irish the very poetic name of the goldfinch: "flame of the forest". We did share a lot about wild life... The old style playing is still an echo of it. Liam was also a bodhran maker. On the same myspace page there are also an album of photographs of Liam as well as one on the Barethread Folk Club, Tailors Hall featuring many performers of the 70s-80s.I hope to make available to you some recordings and lyrics of the singing of the late Liam Weldon before long. PH."