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1/14/10 SwallowtailR/FarewelltoIr, BucksOr, DkWmn, Cooley's

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:19 pm
by TonyHiggins
01/14/10 Welcome to Jules Bitter in New Zealand, who sends: "1 The Swallows Tail Reel (a version I learned from Thomas Keenan) 2 Farewell to Ireland ( a version played by his brother Paddy Keenan). I recorded them a while ago with guitar accompaniment by Philip Masure, a music friend from Belgium. Another Reel: The Bucks of Oranmore also with Philip Masure on guitar. And my flute version of the song, Dark Woman of the Glen, accompanied by my brother, Rob Bitter (keyboard).Played on a Aebi keyless Bb.

Conchi Sanchez sends Cooley's Reel on Susato D whistle.