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8/04/09 The Medina, Footsteps of Childhood, Amelie Rose

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:30 pm
by TonyHiggins
08/04/09 Welcome to Will Beavan, who writes, "Hi Im interested in what other people feel about my tune. The Medina.I am a fiddler and guitarist but i muck about on the whistle. Its in 7/8 and has certain notes flattened. I literally pulled out a buried old generation, taped the holes played it once badly. pressed record. I recorded it slow then a bit faster and then medium pace. I generally play it a lot faster, but Im not a whistler! I hope you enjoy it and perhaps it might offer a real whistler an enjoyable challenge and for sure, something a bit different. It was inspired by many many visits to chechouin in the Riff mountains of Maroc. (saved in misc)

Geoff Walker writes, "Here are two tunes I have written recently, both played on a keyless wooden flute of unknown make. The first is called "Footsteps of Childhood" and I originally wrote it to set a poem to music, but someone said they liked the tune in its own right so I added a B section. It can be played as an air or slow waltz. The second tune is a jig called "Amelie Rose" and is named after my first granddaughter who was born in April. I am posting the tunes as links to my website as usual Footsteps of Childhood ... hood05.mp3 Amelie Rose ... Rose03.mp3 (saved in orig)