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This, too, shall end

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 2:06 pm
by TonyHiggins
Didn't think you'd see a zombie rise from the grave, eh? Look again. As of Oct 17, 2020,, aka clips & snips will go off line for ever. While more venues appeared with more traffic for music posters, I held onto the site thinking I'd repurpose it for something else. But, even for those ideas, the site is redundant, so time to stop giving the hosters money for nothing. If you have any tunes on it you'd like to retrieve for nostalgic reasons or to cover your tracks, they'll be there for a couple of weeks. I also have everything stored at home so you can always contact me through the message system here and I'll email you whatever you like. (I'll need your name, tune title, and category- jig, reel, etc.) If I'm leaving any loose ends, please let me know.