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Pipe Chanter on Ebay
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Author:  LKtz [ Mon Mar 04, 2002 12:08 pm ]
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did anyone see this? ... 1520561355

Looks like a nice chanter. I just wish I had the money to place a bid.


Author:  Tony [ Mon Mar 04, 2002 1:15 pm ]
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Caryn, I did notice it and thought the starting price was OK, but there's no way of telling if it's worth bidding on without actually trying it. I don't know how established Jim Burke is as a pipemaker. Still, it wouldn't be a bad first chanter if the price is right. I don't expect the bidding to go higher than $150 but eBay is wierd sometimes. You might see it jump to $300 in the last day before the bid closes.
Consider this: it's keyless and it has no keyblocks for adding keys (at least a Cnat key). If you look closely at the wood you can see two or more places where the grain takes some changes in direction. The wood selection isn't perfect. This might not affect the performance at all, just an observation.
Don't feel too bad if this one gets away from you. Are you old enought to work a summer job? if so, you might be able to buy a really good practice set before school starts in the fall.

Author:  LKtz [ Mon Mar 04, 2002 10:08 pm ]
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I hope sometime to get a job. Just right now I am dancing about 9 hours a week, and yeah. I have no time. Right now I am playing a Rogge plastic chanter. As my teacher put's it "it kicks A**".
Thanks for your opinions on the chanter on ebay. Someday I will need to start looking for my own set of pipes. Right now I am conent to look and dream.


Author:  Tony [ Sat Mar 09, 2002 9:35 am ]
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Caryn, Are you still watching the bidding??
Looks like dlogistudio wants it so bad he's willing to bid against himself... driving the price higher. He's placed SEVEN bids within three minutes.

Author:  Dionys [ Sat Mar 09, 2002 10:48 am ]
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Some people have no clue. Ebay is all about waiting until the last second of the auction and then pounding your keyboard.


Author:  LKtz [ Sat Mar 09, 2002 10:56 am ]
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wow. That is pretty sad. I had forgotten to check back, and see how he bidding was going, but wow.


Author:  Tony [ Sat Mar 09, 2002 12:02 pm ]
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Dionys, I agree... there's a left-handed Hofner 'Beatle bass' guitar I've been watching. ... 1521188341
I'd love to own this one but, I suspect in the closing hours today it may jump past it's current $1,200. It might go over $2,000. More than I would consider paying. Though it's nice, I'll probably end up buying a new 'asian copy' ... =850588323 for under $250.

Caryn, it's been said before. The David Daye penny chanter can get you a stable playing chanter for a lot less than a traditional handcrafted one. Something to consider.

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