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I am restoring an old chanter and discovered it has the exact measurements as the Coyne D chanter. The soundholes were badly enlarged with a knife or maybe a scissor.I have a drawing of the original Coyne chanter .Lenght is 373 mm and the fingerholes have a width between 5 and 3.8 mm. ( mostly 4.9 mm) So I filled the old soundholes( 2 were almost 9 mm) with a mixture of resin and ebonydust and redrilled the chanter with the exact mesurement on the drawing and soundhole diameters..
Next challenge is the reed I need.

Who can supply me a reed for the narrow bore Coyne chanter or can help me to contact a good reedmaker .


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Re: chanterreed

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Frans, my memory is a little unclear here, so bear with me. Kevin Rowsome has, or had, a chanter that was described as either a Harrington or Coyne of about that measurement (373 mm.). You might reach out to him for this information. Just a possibility.

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