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CP: “Celtic Sounds” MIDI Sound Module for iOS
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Author:  eskin [ Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  CP: “Celtic Sounds” MIDI Sound Module for iOS

Just released "Celtic Sounds" for iOS.

It’s a MIDI Sound Module that has 5 of my best sample sets in it, including High-D whistle, wooden flute, Uilleann pipes chanter, Anglo Concertina, and button accordion.

You can use it with other iOS MIDI player apps or hook it up to a MIDI keyboard or controller through a hardware Lightning port interface like the iRig MIDI.

Demo video showing it used as a MIDI sound module with a MIDI file player (Sweet MIDI Player):

When playing the Uilleann instrument, the following special MIDI notes, starting one octave below the lowest note on the chanter D3 (62), are used for the drone and regulator pair sounds:

D2 (50) - Lynch Drones
D#2(51) - Crowley Drones
E2 (52) - D/F# Baritone/Tenor Regulator Pair
F2 (53) - D/G Baritone/Tenor Regulator Pair
F#2 (54) - F#/A Baritone/Tenor Regulator Pair
G2 (55) - G/B Baritone/Tenor Regulator Pair
G#2 (56) - G/C Baritone/Tenor Regulator Pair
A2 (57) - A/C Baritone/Tenor Regulator Pair

The chanter notes start at D3 (62) and go to D5 (86)

Any pitch bend messages only effect the chanter notes, not the drones or regulators.

A few people have asked me about using my new "Celtic Sounds" sound module app for iOS with a MIDI keyboard.

Here’s a demo video…

In this video I show playing the Uilleann Pipes drones, chanter, and regulators with the app using a small MIDI keyboard connected to the dock on my iPad Pro using an iRig MIDI interface.

App works with any iOS device running iOS 10 or later.

Of course, if I had a keyboard with another octave or two of keys, I could play the full range of the chanter, but this shows the general idea:

iOS App Store Link: ... ?ls=1&mt=8

Cheers and thanks,


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