Posting pictures from dropbox

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Posting pictures from dropbox

Post by cboody »

Does this work? I have tried and get a ? image. If I click on that I can download the image, but that is hardly useful. Do I really have to join a picture site to get this to work? If so what is recommended? I've got many pictures to post for for sale items and need to move quickly.

PM or answer here.


Chuck Boody
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Re: Posting pictures from dropbox

Post by MTGuru »

Chuck, Dropbox should give you a way to access the URL of the actual jpg photo that you can link to, and not just the HTML page in which the photo is embedded. Find that link, surround it with img tags here, and the photo will appear. For example, for your Parks whistle set:


I found the photo URL by digging through the HTML page source, but Dropbox should give you a user-friendly way to do that. If not, doing as you've done by just posting a page link that the Chiffy reader can click to see the photo is perfectly acceptable, I think.
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Re: Posting pictures from dropbox

Post by fearfaoin »

I tried this with Chuck's post in the Test Forum. Only once I was able to right-click the image on the dropbox page and get the full image URL, as MTGuru did. Other times, dropbox highjacked the right-click and only provided a Download Image option.

You can stop this behavior by turning off javascript in your browser, though I don't know if that is an option a most Web users would be comfortable with.

If turning off javascript is not for you then dropbox may not be a good option for hosting images to post to forums (since dropbox wants to hide the usual way to get the direct image link) .
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