I'm not getting my subscriptions

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Re: I'm not getting my subscriptions

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kkrell wrote:
vonallentx wrote:Is anyone who has responded to this topic a programmer for this site? Is there a programmer? Are programmer identities kept secret? I don’t want to breach protocol. But I think this fix would benefit everyone.
Unfortunately, the C&F board uses readily-available, public software. The program is supplied by these folks https://www.phpbb.com/ and is open source and free. It's installed in a particular configuration on this site (C&F), and has required member assistance when offered to support & migrate it to new hosts. [...]
vBulletin has its own set of more or less annoying problems, although it can (sometimes) be configured to semi-efficient spam handling. But I don't see it as any better than phpbb in practice (having been a moderator on both types of forums).
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