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Post by Jetboy »

Can someone remind me it is allowed and therefore how to insert images into a post?

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Re: Images

Post by Nanohedron »

Yes, it's allowed (so long as the pic you're posting is not offensive, of course). This the layout when you are in the process of doing it:


Using my avatar's address (URL, if you like), I can reproduce its image here:


Right-click on the image, and you get a selection that includes "Copy image address (or URL)". Click on that, and paste it (I use ctrl-V) to your text field, and the Image bits go on each end, respectively. If you click the quote button on this post, you can see what it looks like in the raw.

Hope that's clear. Give it a try using my avatar, and see how it goes. :)

This is the method I use, anyway.
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