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Author:  Angel Shadowsong [ Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:45 am ]
Post subject:  RTTA Help

I am a total freak for the intonation. Thanks to the Tuner. However I lip-up or down a sudden when I hear the interference beat when playing with other instruement

After reading on Terry Mc Gee's website

I have decided to understand what is the requirement of my flute versus what I can give by using RTTA.

The RTTA requires 3 "program" for you to install.
That is


On installation Here is the instruction

Getting Tartini-R Polygraph Windows Instruction

Create a folder where you want to keep your charts (e.g. ..../Documents/RTTA), and inside it put the unzipped Polygraph files.-Finished

Polygraph.bat simply launches R and passes some information to R, telling it to start up and process Polygraph.r

"C:\Program Files\R\R-2.6.2\bin\R.exe" --no-save < Polygraph.r 440 5 boxplot 10 1.5 equal

The R version that is ready for download is 3.0.2, which makes me think if the polygraph is compatible with the version

If you installed R.exe in a different location you'll need to edit Polygraph.bat (Notepad will do) and put in the correct location. You can just try using it as it is, and if it doesn't work then check the location of R.exe and edit if different. -Finished

The bits "440 5 boxplot 10 1.5 equal" are not strictly necessary as these will be used as the defaults, but you can change them later if you wish. See customizing the graph if you want to alter these values. I did not change

Ready to go!

Run "Tartini", record yourself playing your flute, then export the data (Channel/Export to plain text). -Finished

Save the exported data as rtest.txt in the same folder you put Polygraph.r and Polygraph.bat.
It won't work with another name in another directory unless you edit Polygraph.r to point to it. -Finished

Run Polygraph.bat (double click it). -Finished[/color]

You'll get a file Polygraph.jpg which you can view with your favourite photo viewer....did not happen

If you want to keep it save it somewhere with a different filename (otherwise it will get overwritten next time you channel Tartini).

And you'll also get a file Polygraph.txt which contains the median values which you might want to cut and paste into something like MSExcel if doing multiple plots. Or you can just ignore Polygraph.txt

Do I need a 2.6.2 version? I followed ever instruction but did not achieve the said result..

Help :poke:

Author:  stanton135 [ Fri Dec 27, 2013 5:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RTTA Help

I tried, and failed, to install RTTA a while back. I wound up with Flutini instead. Flutini does more or less the same thing, but it's one self-contained program. It's been very helpful for testing and refining my DIY instruments--though, I have to warn you, seeing a graph that you don't like can be very frustrating!

Author:  Angel Shadowsong [ Fri Dec 27, 2013 6:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RTTA Help


Thanks, Flutini does work.

I actually do a blind test to see where notes do most likely fall.

I do not see the exact middle as a goal as it is almost impossible to do that when you are playing live.
You can lip it with a tuner to cheat the results, but I'd rather not.

I have accepted the fact that on playing live, you cant barely control it.
Although possible on long notes.

I am trying to analyze which note are having the natural tendency.

On different flutes I have tested I have a +10/-10 cents tolerance.

Amazingly I find a consistent A4 and A5 to be the most consistent to almost 0 cents. (assuming D flute)

and C#4 and C#5 to be extremely flat.. (this is on an ET tempered flute)

I have also figured out that if you are from a high note going to a low note example A5-G5,

the G5 becomes sharper, and when you are in a low note going to the high note like A5 to B5, the B5 becomes flatter.

I have learned to accept this imperfection of the flute and learned to compensate with air control or rolling of the flute.

It is amazing that someone has made this software... I guess he/she was one of the first paranoid on tuning.

Whistles on the other hand tend to be flatter on the second octave.

I am really enjoying this software.



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