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tool for transcribing tunes
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Author:  I.D.10-t [ Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: tool for transcribing tunes

ABC is several things.

It can be used in place of standard notation and some can sight read it. Fine and dandy if that is your thing.

It can be used as an efficient, standard way to convey notation. The standards are used by several different programs and can be easily read. It is the text version of sheet music and can be read and edited on any computer and easily edited. For an example of its usefulness, think about how easy it is to post and copy tunes on this form compared to even the "standard" PDF.

It is a useful user interface. It has a short learning curve, and compared to the click and drag method will become much quicker to use within a short period of time. If you need to enter notes, the ABC notation seems to be a simple and intuitive method.

Paper and pencil exist and so do typewriters, both fill a role and there are advocates of both but they can be complimentary. Overall, ABC notation is well documented and as close to universal in the electronic world as paper and pencil is in the more tangible world.

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