Audio/Video Processing Tools for iMac

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Audio/Video Processing Tools for iMac

Post by Ceann Cromtha »

I am looking for a good app or apps to analyze audio and video clips (e.g., tracks from a CD or parts of the NPU videos) on my iMac.

For the past 10+ years, I've used Transcribe! to do this. However, I have always had weird, inexplicable problems with it, e.g., sometimes it works great, then I try it again and it can't find where the audio or video clip is located on the computer (even though it is in one of my folders). It seems to constantly confuse the real music or video file with another much smaller file that does not contain any sound or video. Editing the folders in the program is also non-intuitive to me.

I know about Anytune and it seems to work great for audio clips. However, the free/trial version that I'm trying out does not seem to be able to process video. Does anyone know if the other versions can process video?

If not, can anyone recommend any good apps that allow me to do what I want to do?

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