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The purpose of this forum is to provide a place for people who are interested in the Irish language and various Celtic languages to discuss them, to practice them, and to share information about them, particularly (but not exclusively) in the context of traditional music and culture.

This is not a "translation forum," per se, though translation requests may occasionally be honored at the discretion of the moderators. If you're seeking a one-time translation for something like a tattoo, engraving, wedding vow, or other such purpose, we strongly recommend that you visit our friends at ILF:
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Dear moderators

Post by Redwolf »

I highly recommend removing the link to Irish Gaelic from the forum rules above and replacing it with Irish Learners Forum (

As you probably know, I was a moderator at IGTF until recently, and have been a member of that forum community for many years (nine years this past January, actually). Unfortunately, the site was sold to a profit-making company earlier this year, and the new owners have, essentially, run the forum into the ground by loading it down with pop-up and pop-under ads for everything from cheap drugs and real estate schemes to auto-translators.

A good portion of the community had already left, and posts had slowed to a trickle, when the owners introduced their latest ad: a racially insensitive, flashing pop-up that could neither be minimized or closed. When the moderation team complained on behalf of the forum community, we were ignored. We finally issued a very public ultimatum and were banned.

If it were only a case of us being banned, I wouldn't necessarily recommend against visiting the site. I'm not that petty. But the fact that they've not only locked us out, but are out-and-out lying about what we did and our attempts to work with them is infuriating. And the fact that the forum is currently all but moribund (the whole IGTF community pretty much packed up its foclóirí and moved to ILF) means that confirmed translations are going to be pretty difficult to get there.

I can't reply to the accusations at IGTF, being banned, but here's my rebuttal to the accusations, which I've posted at ILF: ... 5488#p5488

I find it interesting that they've now removed the pop-under ads and the flashing banner...I think they're trying to imply that we lied about those as well.

The IGTF forum is currently unmoderated, and spam is already beginning to proliferate there. Whether the owners plan to appoint new moderators or not I have no idea.

It's sad to see a forum I've put so much of my life into go this way, and I never thought I'd see the day when I'd recommend another forum over IGTF for Irish translations, but unless the new owners do something about the mess they've made over there, I really can't recommend it any longer.

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Re: Dear moderators

Post by MTGuru »

Redwolf wrote:I highly recommend removing the link to Irish Gaelic from the forum rules above and replacing it with Irish Learners Forum (

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