Test: Which Low D Whistle with smaller holes (than Howard) ?

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Test: Which Low D Whistle with smaller holes (than Howard) ?

Post by Ellen »

Hello everyone,
it has been a long time, and I'm glad you are out and about as lively as ever, cheers to you all :pint:

I would like to start playing Low Whistles now and look for a bit of information on Low Ds for smaller hands.
(Have searched the Forum and Internet thoroughly in order to narrow my question down).

Got a lovely older (15 years or more?) Howard Low D, diameter of 2nd and 5th hole ca. 12,5 mm. This is - for the present state - way too big for my fingers as a starter instrument.

So I have my eyes on the following Low Ds in order to get into fluent playing while enjoying the way to that:
- MK Kelpie
- Dixon TB003D: tapered bore, one piece, not tunable
(- and just out of interest: MK Pro - has it got bigger holes than the MK Kelpie?)

Parameters - what I am looking for:
- smaller 2nd and 5th hole: max. 11,5 mm (better 11 mm)
- rich sound with a (good) bit of breathyness

Would you be my fingers & ears and give me your observations?
That would be much appreciated, for I have no way of getting to try and compare any instruments right now.

Thanks a lot
and all the best,
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