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FS: Rudall Perfected 6 key Blackwood D Flute
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Author:  mandoboy [ Fri Sep 27, 2019 3:35 pm ]
Post subject:  FS: Rudall Perfected 6 key Blackwood D Flute

Terry McGee's description of his Rudall Perfected.

"This is a slender, elegant, powerful, responsive instrument with great tone and excellent tuning. It is based on a large bore, large holed flute by the most prestigious London makers, Rudall & Rose, brought up to date with rather a lot of my own new work. The inspiration for it (RR No 655, circa 1830) can be seen at the Bate collection in Oxford (Bate No 132).

The Rudall Perfected is an ideal flute for the professional or serious session player seeking the ultimate in performance in a Rudall style flute."

This is a 6 key Rudall perfected in African Blackwood with the rounded rectangle embouchure cut with the long D foot. The standard keys are C, Bb, long and short F, G#, and Eb. The flute is in excellent condition with no cracks dings or dents.

The flute comes with Terry's original wooden case and with his cleaning stick.

His 2009 price for this flute and the box is $3679. I am asking $3500 including shipping to the US. Outside of US we will have to figure the shipping out.

Author:  Nanohedron [ Thu Oct 03, 2019 2:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FS: Rudall Perfected 6 key Blackwood D Flute

Moderator note: It has been pointed out that the first photo appears to have been reversed, as if the flute is left-handed in construction. Given the subsequent photos, one assumes this appearance is not the actual case.

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