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CP: Old Clarinet Blackwood for Repurposing
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Author:  Casey Burns [ Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:49 pm ]
Post subject:  CP: Old Clarinet Blackwood for Repurposing

I am selling off a portion of my large Clarinet Wood pile, and keeping some 750 pieces for myself for future flute production. What I have left are some 650 pieces of the size below. These were originally intended for LeBlanc clarinets. The Blackwood was harvested in 1979 possibly, and machined to this shape in 1999 (this is the date on the boxes and Clarinet Industry insiders said that 20 years was the usual length of time between harvest and turning to shape). These pieces ended up at Allied Supply and then eventually were sold to American Science and Surplus who sold them in their catalogfor $2.99 each. I am offering them for $3.50 each, plus shipping. US Only due to CITES Regulations!

Contact me by email at Minimum Quantity is 20 pieces

I've been able to get upper middle joints for my Folk Flutes out of these by cutting off the upper tenon, facing the wood, putting hose clamps around the lower tenon and along the body before reaming, and then turning the outsides. Patrick Olwell said that they machine these into head joints above the barrel joints. The wood is usually fantastic on these though I have found a few with some filled in flaws that one can barely see. Its great wood!



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