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(SOLD) Thin Weasel "Lipstick" Bb FS
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Author:  David Parkhurst [ Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:13 pm ]
Post subject:  (SOLD) Thin Weasel "Lipstick" Bb FS

For Sale: The one and only "Lipstick" Bb Thin Weasel. Glenn offered to let me purchase it when I was studying under him. It's made of the same red plastic that he used in his fipple plugs when making Water Weasels. This was a special order from someone who apparently never picked it up. Stainless steel ornaments and brass tuning slide. Tuning is bang on, although there is not a lot of leeway if you want to tune it sharp of Bb. Tone has a small to moderate amount of chiff, very pleasant and friendly. Body is stamped with his name and Oxford, MI.

This whistle has a fair amount of sentimental value to me both as a collector, player and understudy of someone who I consider to be one of the greatest makers ever. The only reason I'm selling it is because it should be played rather than collecting dust. I will take offers of $250 (or thereabouts) for two weeks, successful buyer to be decided at my discretion.

For photos, see my listing in Facebook's C&F page. (Sorry, I've never sussed how to load photos from my laptop to here).


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