"Shannon" Flute Like New -- $240 incl. shipping

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"Shannon" Flute Like New -- $240 incl. shipping

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I am selling a barely used WD Sweet "Shannon" flute. It is like new, in pristine condition. It plays easily and beautifully and it is in perfect tune. There is not a mark on it. It is in the key of D and it is well-suited to anyone from beginner to professional. It is the best sounding of all the Delrin flutes being sold today. If you don't like the flute, for ay reason, I will take it back and offer a full refund, including the cost of my shipping to you.
I can sell it with or without a case. Since it is Delrin it is practically indestructible. If you want a hard case add $15- more to cover the cost of the added weight for shipping than for the actual cost of the case.
This flute will not disappoint you. Read the reviews and see the flute here: http://wdsweetflutes.com/shannon.php
The one that I am selling is identical to the ones being sold from the WD Sweet site.
I am happy to answer any questions you might have.


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