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FS: Uilleann Pipes Full Set Bruce Childress Key of D
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Author:  Pazziato [ Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:45 pm ]
Post subject:  FS: Uilleann Pipes Full Set Bruce Childress Key of D

I am selling this set because I have no time to play, no time to practice, and I need to pay tuition and mortgage. it is sad. I've been here before.

In any event, blackwood pipes, boxwood mounts, and brass keys. fully keyed chanter. Reed in chanter is working fine. Drones with composite reeds, also working well.

This set began as a half-set in 2001. I traded a McNichols half set in C and a Kennedy chanter for the half-set in 2010 or 2011. Can't remember which. Either way, Bruce fitted the set with regulators in 2012, and frankly I have barely touched the set since because at the same time that was happening my work/children situation went batty and its been there ever since.

I will happily send pictures (that I have yet to take) to your email address. I will happily play over the phone so you can hear the set.

I am not a technical sort of person so I likely won't be able to create a sound sample but maybe a simple recording on my iphone.

I will entertain any reasonable offer - I'm looking to realize $4,000+ for this set, which is frankly a bargain to any buyer. A new set from Bruce would cost $6,400.

PM me and I will send you my telephone number and email address. Do not waste my time though.

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