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SOLD: Sweetheart Blackwood conical low D whistle
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Author:  kkrell [ Fri Nov 20, 2020 11:05 am ]
Post subject:  SOLD: Sweetheart Blackwood conical low D whistle

Sweetheart Resonance model low D whistle in Blackwood, 2 parts, tunable, conical bore, with thumb support. Medium holes. From around 2016, designed by Walt Sweet. Made just prior to Ralph Sweet retiring.

Joseph Morneault now operates out of the same physical shop, and with many of the same designs. His low whistle page is

Due to the expense of the material, African Blackwood, when offered, is at a premium price.

The whistle is a fully conical design, with tuning on a long tenon (with O-rings) and a cork receiver in the whistle head. Tuning is very good and it plays easily, with a flute-like tone. 3rd finger toneholes of each hand are slightly offset for an easier reach.

Includes soft, fleece case, and a plastic thumb support.

I already have an MK Pro and a Copeland brass low D, which sufficiently fulfill my needs.

Email or PM for PayPal or other payment details.


Kevin Krell

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