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Paolo Soprani ADG Accordion
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Author:  Casey Burns [ Fri Feb 28, 2020 3:21 am ]
Post subject:  Paolo Soprani ADG Accordion

I have an excellent 1950s-1960s vintage Paolo Soprani ADG diatonic accordion in excellent shape and regulation for sale. In black, 5 voicing buttons on the melody side, 2 on the bass side. Same fingering as the more common GCF accordions - just a wholestep higher.

The reeds are tuned moderately wet but not excessively so. Only thing worn out is the bellows pad which is easily replaceable otherwise it is in fantastic shape and plays well. The reeds from that era were some of the best made ever as it combined new postwar equipment with the decades of experience of long term reed makers. The instrument comes with a case that is somewhat smelly (mostly a bit of old tobacco smell) but itself doesn't have any odors. This is a great box. I'm just too. busy to learn the diatonic system and its a little too heavy for my wife's playing. Am asking $1200 plus shipping. Contact me by PM or email ( Will post photos next week.


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