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FS Vincenzo Di Mauro left handed B flute , 3 keys
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Author:  fiddlerwill [ Tue Jun 11, 2019 11:34 am ]
Post subject:  FS Vincenzo Di Mauro left handed B flute , 3 keys

Irish Flute in B - Custom-made Left-handed. Condition is Used.

This instrument was designed and made by Vincenzo Di Mauro, the Galway-based flute-maker, restorer and player.

The material is Delrin, a thermoplastic closely resembling African Blackwood or Ebony but which has strong dimensional stability and is lightweight and impermeable to moisture. The rings and keys are in silver. Its assembled length is 75 cm.

This simple-system flute has three added keys (so-called 'F natural', 'G sharp' and 'B flat' from the equivalent, more common, instrument in D). Importantly, however, it is custom-made to be played left-handed. It is four years old and in excellent condition. The original price was 900 euros.
It is for sale for 600€
There’s a lovely tone off this flute with a fair crack to the on request .
B natural is an unusual key and was requested to play 'flat sessions' with pipers in this key.

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