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Board policies and official announcements about Chiff and Fipple and the forums. Please read!
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Use of this Page: Please Read!

Post by Nanohedron »

Please remember that initiating topics in the Announcements page is only to be done by the Board owner - Dale - or the moderators, or such members as have prior approval from either Dale or the mods. This page is intended only for announcements that are relevant to Chiff & Fipple itself, including operations, policy, Board news...stuff like that.

If you have an announcement concerning a personal project that does not affect C&F per se, please post it in another forum that will be best relevant to the audience you seek to most notify. When in doubt, first contact one of the moderators. Otherwise, please keep in mind that this forum is intended for official business only.

As ever, if a topic here isn't locked, then regular members are of course free to add commentary.

Thank you.
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