Get Well Soon, Nano!

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Re: Get Well Soon, Nano!

Post by Denny »

well played
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Re: Get Well Soon, Nano!

Post by Charlene »

Glad you made it through ok.
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Re: Get Well Soon, Nano!

Post by Nanohedron »


It's weird how my case wound up pretty much a non-event as these things go - unless you count waiting too long to seek medical attention and an unusually rapid recovery as worthy of being called an "event" - and I'm trying to get my head around that. Given the right circumstances I typically tend to rebound quickly from illnesses, so knowing no better, it all just seemed pretty much business as usual to me. But talking to others who've been through it, and also to those in the medical profession, I have been unusually lucky indeed, and then some, from start to finish.
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