MISSING: Abell Whistles - Set of C, D, Eb - Serial# 850

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MISSING: Abell Whistles - Set of C, D, Eb - Serial# 850

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MISSING: My set of C, D, Eb Abell penny whistles. The whistles were last known to be in my possession at The Tinker's Son in Norwell, MA last Wednesday, November 5th. They were packed in my tenor banjo case's front pocket. I believe they went missing at a party in Melrose, MA last Friday night, November 7th. I went to go for the whistles in the banjo case and they weren't there. Someone may have picked them up if they somehow fell out or were mistakenly picked up as someone else's whistle case. The whistles were made 15 years ago by Chris Abell in North Carolina. It is a set of whistles with one headjoint and three bodies in the keys of C, D, and Eb. They are made of African blackwood and sterling silver. The serial number is #850 and the headjoint and bodies are stamped with this number. A bell is stamped/etched on each body to denote Chris Abell's handywork. The whistles were in a black nylon whistle case with a red velveteen interior. These have a large sentimental value to me as I bought them in high school at what was to be the beginning of me eventually becoming a professional musician where I would rely on them and my other instruments to make my living. It's not everyday a set of these whistles comes up for sale and they require months in waiting to get them. It would be odd for someone to all of a sudden have a set of them in their possession. Mine were a bit tarnished from playing and are not a shiny silver. I'm asking everyone in the trad and folk community to keep an eye out for them. Please contact me through Facebook or at peakmusic@hotmail.com if you have any leads. If they were taken, I would just like them back, no questions asked. Thanks in advance to everyone who helps with spreading the word. I've provided a near identical picture of what the whistle set looks like. Let's hope for the best!

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