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STOLEN: AAA instruments in Milan area Italy

Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 9:30 am
by Michel
hi everybody

I really hoped to join the discussions here on CF for more funny matters...

today while we were on our way to Locarno Switzerland for a Birkin Tree gig our car has been robbed. We were in Lainate (Mi) close by the McDonald's in Via Pirelli.
the following instruments have been stolen:
1 blackwood D/C fully keyed combo flute set made by Mike Grinter. Flute is quite easily recognisable as the keys are very tarnished. Typical Grinter case has signs of previous repairs, it's held together with adhesive tape atm. my beloved flute for the last 12 yrs or so.
1 a 5 key G blackwood flute made by Gilles Lehart. keys are nickel silver and rings are copper.
1 boxwood low G whistle made by Jon Swayne
1 blackwood D whistle made by Bleazey
1 ebony and brass full set made by Charles Roberts, chanter by Cillian O'Brien in ebony brass and artificial Ivory. one C key.
1 Killarney tin whistle
1 fretted keyboard fiddle made by Bodo Vosshenrich
1 Irish harp made by Camac, mod. Aziliz

if you happen to see any online advertisements or if you know anything about it please get in touch with me either via pm facebook or via email

Re: AAA stolen instruments in Milan area Italy

Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 9:38 am
by Michel
also stolen
a faux alluminium photographer type case full of Birkin Tree cd's
a Canon Eos M photocamera equipped with two vintage manual focus Pentax lenses from the 70's

in the boot the thiefs only left a Seamus O'Kane bodhran, it almost sound like a bodhran joke but it's truth!

thanks everybody for reading and spreading the message