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Wil van Allen banjo - stolen Dublin (possibly in Merseyside)

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 5:15 am
by MarkP
A lot of people will know about this already, but please share the info as there is a clear CCTV footage of the guy who stole it (possibly from Merseyside)...

Wil van Allen banjo, costomised, fitted with a red pick up switch on the side.
It is a four string vintage banjo, over 50 years old.There`s not many of them around!

There was also" Boss" bass equilizer pedal, and Letherman multitool in the tight fitting black nylon case.

It was stolen from a pub in Temple bar, Dublin on 3rd of october (late saturday night) after performing a gig.

The guy who stole it is around mid to late 20 `ies. Very dark brown or black hair. Slim built, around 5`8".He was wearing a light ( white?) wristband, non metalic, like the ones from festivals or a hospital, grey jumper with little zip, jeans and white laced trainers.

His accomplice estimate about 5`10", solid build. Shortish brown hair.He was wearing Light colour button-up shirt , jeans and black dirty trainers with white laces.

They might be from Liverpool according to the woman, that was speaking to them on the night of the robbery.