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Stolen: Flute collection and music collection, Germany

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 4:15 am
by Neil B
Hi to all just joined the forums....

I have had my collection of simple system Hawkes Crown AZ flutes stolen May 2nd 2009 so about now I expect them to resurface. Can any one notify me if they come up for sale please? Sadly I never took numbers, who expects to be robbed :cry: Someone on the forum has a pic of the flutes & I'm trying to retrieve it (I had my PC stolen also at the time) so maybe I'll be able to add on later?

F piccolo Ebonite, new small barrel made no logo on this section.
Eb Piccolo Wood ebonite small barrel, screws oversized on some pillers.
Bb Flute Ebonite, D# key heavily soldered & points visable on new tenon joint.
F Flute Wood ebonite small section (I think?) mouthpiece spotty parts possibly from whisky drinker previously LoL....
The Eb Bass was out of the cabinet and the Bb bass the robber/s coulnd't get I had some luck on those two.
X 3 Rudall Carte wood Flutes went also & two libraries of music.

The Hawkes Band Books for Drum & fife No.1- 41 all instruments ViZ: Piccolo, 1st Bb etc through to Drums, in seperate brown envelopes, Blue lables for number & White lable for flute etc...&
The Boosey's New Drum & Fife Journal. brown envelopes with yellow lables for the number.1-248 about a dozen unnumbered at the end.

I'm in Germany and as these flutes are of no real use here, I expect they might have been sent to the UK? Here's hoping someone might see something. eBay was notified but no real interest was forthcoming from them :-?

Cheers Neil B.

Re: Stolen: Flute collection and music collection, Germany

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 3:05 pm
by MTGuru
Just adding that the OP is located in Bergen, Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), in the area of Hannover, Celle and Hamburg.