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Tenor Banjo 'Richelieu Golden Eagle' Stolen in London!
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Author:  Ptarmigan [ Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:29 am ]
Post subject:  Tenor Banjo 'Richelieu Golden Eagle' Stolen in London!

Just spotted this thread on The Session:

Another Banjo stolen

Another Banjo stolen
Hi everyoneen , had me banjo lifted sat nite after a gig in st margarets london , some little twat ran past and grabbed it as we were loading d gear into our waggon .
Its a Richelieu golden eagle, gold plated and engraved , i'd appreciate it if ye could keep an eye out for it, there s a similar one for sale on ebay at the min but without the engraving, cheers
Mark Conyard.

So it looks like this one: Richelieu Golden Eagle

I know you'll all keep your eyes peeled & your ears open.


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